We get it. You take millions of pictures and videos.

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But getting them all organized can be overwhelming! Sign up for our Monthly Footage Transfer Program and let Smitten help with your digital photos and videos. We’ll work with you on a monthly basis to transfer and store your family’s footage. By December 2020 your footage will be ready for your Year in Review film and you can check “most thoughtful gift ever” off your list for the whole family.  

The Word is Out

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"I love working with Smitten Films. This year I used the monthly footage transfer program which was so easy to use. It also forced me to stay organized with my photos throughout the year which I appreciated!"
"It was a game changer!"
"The new feature was hugely helpful and made the video/picture uploads a seamless process. By year-end, I felt relieved that all of the info had been captured and could just sit back and wait for my family video. It was one holiday gift already knocked off of my list."

Ready to Get Organized?

Pre-pay $50 for the entire year, or pay $10 a month. ACT FAST: If you sign up and pre-pay before January 31st you’ll receive 50% off the program and will receive these services for only $25.

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