About Smitten

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  • What We Do

    We take the videos and photos you capture every day and create a custom family film you can keep forever, and share with generations to come.

  • How We Do It

    Through conversation, careful curation, and skillful editing, we find your family's narrative and weave together a film that will leave you smitten.

  • Why We Do It

    We believe families who enjoy their memories benefit. They take time to appreciate their past and present. They see the fun they had together. This makes them more connected, year in and year out.

Lisa Ridd

Founder & CEO

Lisa created Smitten Films out of her vision for a company that combined her two loves, film and family. Lisa saw the resounding need to more fully reflect on family moments. Together with her team, she works to weave every little giggle, inside joke, and splash in the pool into individual family love stories. While her early life adventures were exciting (including working on Wall Street and living in London), she’s never been happier than she is now, enjoying her family of five and helping other families from her favorite city in the world, New York.

Photo by Claudine Williams Photography

The Smitten Tradition

Smitten Films was inspired by a lifelong family tradition. Every year, Lisa’s dad would put together a family collage. Over thirty years later, the walls of her parents’ home are covered with the memories. Family vacations, proms, tennis matches, and weddings–all neatly grouped in chronological order.

The way we record memories has come a long way since Lisa’s dad started making photo collages. With a smartphone always within our reach, it's easy to capture every moment with just a few taps. But when it comes to organizing and enjoying these memories, things get much trickier. That's where a Smitten Film comes in. The modern way to keep your memories, remembered.

Our Values

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  • Enjoy Your Memories.

    Your memories shouldn't just sit stored away on your computer or phone. Enjoying those videos and photos together will inspire you to go create more good times!

  • Celebrate the simple.

    Your baby’s giggle. Your toddler ‘reading’. These little moments are where we find our truest joy.

  • We champion all moms.

    Listening to their stories, telling their stories. Offering mom-friendly flexible work schedules. Partnering with charities that give moms in need what they need. Moms supporting moms makes the world a better place.

  • Travel often.

    Break out of your family’s routine and comfort zone. See the world, and each other, in a different light. New experiences will become fond memories.

  • More dance parties.

    More family picnics. More make believe. More bedtime reading snuggles. Less everything else!

  • Inspiration is all around us.

    See inspiration, then be the inspiration. Remembering to give as much as we take along the way.

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