Now Let Us Capture It.

The Smitten Films x Craft Studio Birthday Package starts at $1,000. It includes:


  • Detail shots (i.e. cake, party favors, etc.), general captures of events (i.e. whatever craft they are doing,) must-captures (i.e. happy birthday song, blowing out candles, etc.)
  • 5 minute “interview” with the birthday kid
  • 1 camera operator, a producer/ director, who will make sure the shot list is covered and liaise with client and Craft Studio employees

EDITING: An edit of the full party (approximately 10-15 minutes) set to music, with titles

  • A rough cut will be presented to the client for their review within 2 weeks of the party, from which they can request one round of changes.
  • A final cut is presented within 1 week of receiving the rough cut edits to approve that the edits have been made to the client’s liking.

FINAL DELIVERABLES:  Your final film is available 3 ways

  1. A full resolution downloadable digital file for you to share with friends and family and download onto as many devices as you’d like
  2. Your dedicated, password protected, Smitten Films Family Theatre (click here for an example) to access your film online wherever and whenever you want
  3. DVDs available to purchase for $50/ DVD


  • $250 for a 60 second Instagram edit
  • $300 per additional 30 minutes of party time
  • $50 for each additional guest interviewed
  • $250 for additional camera operator/camera/boom mic (this provides for more thorough coverage)

Please note this package does not apply to a party like the Karaoke party. That would have to be priced differently, assuming that each song will need to be represented in the edited version, which will take significantly longer.