We get it. You take millions of pictures and videos.

But getting them all organized is too much! Sign up for the Smitten Monthly Footage Transfer Program and get ahead of the game by giving us your footage on a monthly basis. By year-end, you’ll have everything analyzed, organized, and safely stored – ready to make into an amazing Year in Review Smitten Film for 2019.

Here’s how it works:

1.  We set you up with a shared album on your iPhone.

2.  Monthly, we prompt you to transfer your best footage.

3.  Smitten editors transfer, organize, and store everything safely.

4.  At year-end, we create the film of your choosing. (Additional fees apply.)

Sign up below to feel ahead of the game all year long. And if you join before January 31st, it’s completely free! (The cost of transferring, organizing, and storing your footage is normally $25/month.)

The Word is Out

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"I love working with Smitten Films. This year I used the monthly footage transfer program which was so easy to use. It also forced me to stay organized with my photos throughout the year which I appreciated!"
"It was a game changer!"
"The new feature was hugely helpful and made the video/picture uploads a seamless process. By year-end, I felt relieved that all of the info had been captured and could just sit back and wait for my family video. It was one holiday gift already knocked off of my list."